Angel Meditation:  Healing Yourself with Light


By Suzanne Glover

Using an angel meditation is a great choice to complement your other meditation practices. I’ve been using “Healing Yourself with Light” and have shared my experience with you in this article.


First, you may be asking, “What exactly is an angel meditation?” Good question. The simplest answer is that it is a meditation where you are in communication with higher beings (angels) that help you heal yourself in various ways.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in angels or not. By using a meditation that “makes the connection for you,” all you have to do is stay open to the meditation and see what happens. It’s rather simple.

I use the audio version of the meditation because it’s easier for me to just listen and be guided to the angels, rather than trying to connect with them all by myself through a script or something written.

The audios I use are the ones associated with LaUna Huffines’ book, “Healing Yourself with Light.” LaUna guides me to the “Island of Regeneration” and it’s a wonderful journey.

The angels use light, color, sound, vibration and emotions to heal. In her book, LaUna describes times where people have actually seen the angels making repairs by sewing, etc. While I haven’t seen them, I definitely feel them.

What do I feel? I feel a variety of different sensations that range from tingling – electric waves of energy to mental peace and tranquility.


I’ll give you an example of one of my experiences.

During one meditation, I suddenly felt a lot of “energetic activity” around my face. I didn’t specifically ask for that, but that’s what I felt during that meditation session… and then… as usual… I fell asleep because she also includes brainwave technology on the audios.

When I woke up and went in the bathroom to take a shower, I took a double-take at myself in the mirror. Something was different. I looked more rested and refreshed than usual, but I didn’t “put 2 and 2 together” until later that day when a friend also commented on how different I looked…. better, but couldn’t put his finger on it either.

Later that night, it hit me… I remembered the energy I felt around my face and put the pieces together. It must have been the meditation that did something. I’ve actually experienced that on lesser levels throughout my use of the audios, but that time was definitely noticeable.

So, whether or not you believe in angels, if you want to take an adventure into a true alternative form of healing, check out LaUna’s book and audios on her website.