Failure in Meditation?  Here’s Meditation Made Easy


By Suzanne Glover

Failure in meditation can happen without the right tools and support. This issue of our positive thinking magazine gives easy meditation tips that make it easy to learn to meditate.

stacked-rocksMEDITATION ROCK
One of the best tools for learning meditation is a meditation rock. It’s simply an object, sometimes called an “anchor” that reminds you to take a minute and slow your mind down and breathe.

What it’s doing is “anchoring” a calm mind and body to the act of holding the rock. Keep it in your pocket and hold it throughout the day and create a light, relaxed state of mind for one minute whenever you happen to pull it out of your pocket. The key to having this work for you is to train your body and mind to associate a calm, relaxed state of mind when you’re holding the rock.


Reading meditation quotes is an easy meditation for beginners for two reasons:

1. Having quotes about meditation surrounding you gives your mind “encouragement” that meditation will work for you. Why? Simply because it’s “affirming” or “validating” that the process of meditation is valuable. This creates motivation to practice meditation.

2. Secondly, meditation quotes give you a better understanding of meditation and when you understand something better, you’re also more likely to do it.

If you’ve been a failure in meditation, a good place to start is with meditation quotes. So, we’ve put together a few good quotes in our article, “Meditation Quotes:  Use the Healing Power of Meditation” in this issue.

As I mentioned above, when you have a good understanding of meditation, you’re more likely to practice it. Learning the benefits of meditation are very motivating. Benefits like lower blood pressure, reduced stress / anxiety and a calmer, more focused mind. If you knew your blood pressure would reduce because you practiced meditation, wouldn’t you be more likely to find easy meditation tips to get started?

So, the first step is to learn about the benefits of meditation so you become motivated, and, more importantly, stay motivated. To help you get started, we’ve written “Stages of Meditation:  A Look at Meditation” in this issue.

An easy to learn meditation technique is by using something called a “brainwave meditation audio.” It’s a new technology that “manually” puts your brain into one of the stages of meditation. It’s also a great way to start training your body and mind to slow down, especially when you’ve already been a failure in meditation.

With a brainwave meditation audio, all you have to do is listen with stereo headphones and let the electronic frequencies “lull your mind” into meditation. For more about this, read our article, “Meditation Software:  Why Choose Brainwave Meditation Music” in this issue.

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