I Love You Quotes:  True Love Quotes to Avoid Falling Out of Love


By Samantha Sterling

I love you quotes are a great tool to use to keep the fun and romance in your relationship. Here are some favorite true love quotes with some tips on how to use them.

Short Love Quotes

Short love quotes like this one help us connect with those feelings inside that we once felt for our significant other. They also help us express ourselves when we can’t find the right words from within ourselves.


Avoiding Falling Out of Love

Let’s face it, relationships take time, energy and commitment to making the relationship last. Since it’s common for the romance to leave when the domestic chores set in, using I love you quotes like this next one reminds you that you’re making a home together and that the “essence” of that home is built on love.


I Love You Quotes

Posting love quotes in “unusual places for your special person to find (in the shower, in the frig, or on the underside of the toilet lid) that express things that you like about that person are especially fun. Everyone loves to hear good things about themselves and what better way to let them ponder your words than when they’re showing, eating or… well, doing other things.)

The key to staying in love is to continue finding ways to express your love for one another. Quotes are especially good to use because they say things that we often don’t think about saying because maybe we think they’re too “corny” to say verbally. But, you can say all sorts of “corny” things in quotes.

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