Law of Attraction Tips on
How to Attract Gifts


By Amanda Stokes

Here are Law of Attraction tips to learn how to attract gifts.  It’s fun and simple when you put into play a few key elements:

  1. Create pure joy within yourself.
  2. Attracting GiftsCreate trust around the gift.
  3. Set your intention to do something from a place of joy.
  4. Pretend doing it.
  5. Feel like you already have it.
  6. Let go.

Here’s how it’s worked for me, so you can get an idea of how to make it work for you…

I attracted a “How to Learn French” course at Christmas two weeks after setting my intention that I wanted to learn French (but didn’t say anything to anyone about my intention.)

Here’s exactly what I did:

1)    Took a day off and went to some hot springs that I loved, but that wasn’t the part that created “pure joy” for me.  The part that did that was the fact that I “allowed” myself to stay an extra day at the hot springs, which was a “huge gift” to myself which was very hard for me to give myself.  Once I did, however, I felt complete bliss.

2)    Out of this blissful state, I decided to go to the library at the hot springs and I found a French book.  I decided to “read it” trusting that somewhere inside of me, I knew how to read it.  So, I sat in the library and “read” the book for quite awhile.

3)    From the joy of reading the book, I set the intention to learn French.

4)    I went home and forgot about it.  (Which meant I didn’t obsess about not having it, which would have cancelled out my initial message of having it already when I read the book.)

5)    Two weeks later, I received a French course for Christmas!

Yes, it was that simple!  You can do it too.  First, though, remember there are lots of ways to learn how to use the Law of Attraction, but the best way to attract anything is to come from a genuine place of joy and pure intention.  This is one of the strongest Law of Attraction techniques you can use.

Give it a go, but don’t do it with any “expectations.”  Do it from a place of pure joy, intention and trust and you’ll be surprised by the gifts you open at Christmas!

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