Meditation Software:  Why Choose Brainwave Meditation Music


By Suzanne Glover

Meditation software comes in a wide variety of choices because so many people are interested in alternative meditation techniques these days. But, one of the best ways to drop down into meditation quickly is by using something very simple called a brainwave meditation.


Before I talk about how to use brainwave meditation programs, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of their use.

NO LEARNING CURVE: When you listen to a guided meditation mp3 with brainwave entrainment on it, your brain is quickly lulled into one of the meditation states of mind. It instantly relieves stress and anxiety by pushing the “on” button, rather than learning traditional meditation where you are trying to sit and focus on your breath with thoughts racing through your head. In other words, it’s instant.

CHOICE OF MEDITATION LEVEL: Brainwave meditation programs come in “different flavors.” What that means is if you want a light level of relaxation and meditation, yet also want to be “focused and alert,” you’d choose an Alpha brainwave meditation.

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If you wanted a deeper level of meditation which is good for greater creativity, you’d choose a Theta brainwave meditation. And if you want to enhance immune function, you’d choose a Delta brainwave meditation.

So, the neat thing about using an alternative meditation software such as brainwave meditation mp3s, is you know that you are putting your brain into the right “state-of-mind” to get the desired benefits associated with each brainwave frequency. Here’s a chart that gives an example of how the brain is “synchronized” into whole brain activity:


Some of you might be saying, “Gee, I was looking for a program where I can customize all the bells and whistles for my meditation, and this doesn’t count.” Well, sure it does. You’re just getting the end result of someone else engineering all the bells and whistles so you don’t have to go through the learning curve of figuring out the software.


Is brainwave entrainment a good way to get started meditating and then learn traditional meditation too? Absolutely. Using brainwave entrainment technology that calms down your mind should give you a greater ability to settle down and learn traditional meditation.


moments-all-three-packageJust like there are many choices of meditation software, there are many choices of meditation brainwave music. While I’ve purchased many sets developed by other companies which I’ve used with success, I prefer my own customized set of brainwave meditation programs. CLICK HERE to check them out.

If you really want to reduce stress quickly, using an alternative meditation software such as brainwave meditation programs will get you there quickly. Next, let’s look at meditating in our sleep…

Meditate in Your Sleep…