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Here are more quotes on motivation for success!

Let Our Advanced

If you want motivation for success in your life, then take a moment and ponder Winston Churchill’s advice on turning the energy of worry into the energy of planning. When you set your sights on something through planning it out thoroughly, you’re actually practicing visualization because you’re giving the “Universe” a heads up on how you’re going to get there so it can tag along and help!

The Biggest Mistake

Taking that first step is less scary when you realize that you’re bound to make mistakes and “that’s all a part of the fun!” You’re learning new things as you go, that’s what goal achievement is all about, so let go and give yourself permission to make a few “fumbles with the ball” – even the pros do that, but they get up, brush themselves off and go for the next tackle.

The True Measure

Quotes on motivation are fun when you put them into the context of your life. You can make up motivation posters around special areas that you want to change and make up stories around them, just like I’ve done here in this article.

The best motivation is to use self motivation quotes as a part of asking yourself questions that put your life into a time line where you can tangibly see the results [or lack of results when you’re looking into the past.]

Best self motivation tip: Find a person 20 years your senior who appears unhappy and ask them what they did to get there. Their answer is probably, “Nothing” – i.e., not taking any action. Then find a person who exemplifies what you want to be and ask that person what he/she did to get there. Their answer will probably be, “Took consistent, steady action and balanced my life so I could sustain it for the long haul.”

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