More Tools for Learning Meditation: Overcome Failure in Meditation


By Suzanne Glover

failure-in-medUse these tools for learning meditation to overcome failure in meditation. They’re simple and effective and make it easy to learn meditation. (And if you’ve just joined us, you’ll find more easy meditation tips by reading part one of this article, “Failure in Meditation?  Here’s Meditation Made Easy.”)


While many of us may assume meditation “should” be a solitary endeavor, there are a variety of ways to create “meditation momentum” by enlisting the help of others.

FAMILY:  Here’s a chance to share the tools for learning meditation with your family, especially your children. For example, take a couple of easy meditation tips such as using a meditation rock or some meditation quotes like we discussed in part one of this article, and help your children or other family members learn how to use them.

This does a couple of things:

1. When you are placed in the “teacher role,” you learn any subject from a different standpoint. This is always important when you learn any subject, but especially when you’re first learning easy meditation exercises because it encourages you to experiment and find things that work for you.

2. Secondly, when you have a partner in any endeavor, there’s accountability, thus you’re more likely to practice.

MEDITATION RETREAT:  Can’t focus at home either alone or with family? Get away and give yourself the chance to simply focus on learning how to meditate. We’ve given you some suggestions in our article, “Yoga Meditation Health Retreats:  Great for Improving Meditation or Getting Started” in this issue.

angel-prayingASK FOR DIVINE HELP– ANGEL MEDITATIONS:   I’ve been working with some angel meditations for awhile now, and every time I listen to them, I feel more connected to myself and “The Universe.” I’ve also had comments about looking younger after listening to them. I’ve shared more about this easy meditation method in my article, “Angel Meditation:  Healing Yourself with Light” in this issue.


EASY TO LEARN MEDITATION — SLEEPING MEDITATION: Using something called a “guided meditation for sleep” is one of the best tools for learning meditation. Why? Because it trains your body to become familiar with the process of meditation. It can also give you benefits which will motivate you to learn more easy meditation exercises to keep going during the day. We’ve explained more about this in our article, “Sleeping Meditation:  Types of Guided Meditation for Sleep” in this issue.

meditation-room-designDESIGN A ROOM FOR MEDITATION:  Having a meditation sanctuary that “invites” you to meditate can greatly enhance your success. It can be anything from a simple table and chair to a room specifically designed for meditation. We have more ideas for your “sanctuary” in our article, “Meditation Room Design:  Components of a Good Meditation Sanctuary” in this issue.

Now that we’ve briefly touched on these tools for learning meditation, let’s start applying them with a look at meditation quotes next…

Meditation Quotes for Healing…