More Ways to Reinvent Yourself


Finding Ways to Reinvent Yourself is FUN!

3)  Find Motivation.

Find genuine motivation for attaining the changes you want to make.  Start by asking yourself, “Why do I want to reinvent myself?” When you find out “why” you really want something, you’ve found your true motivation and the answer to how to reinvent yourself. Keep asking yourself “why” over and over again and you’ll get down to your core motivation. Once you find your core motivation, you can find ways to give yourself that feeling and jump start your motivation. See “Self Motivation Quotes: Are They the Best Motivation?” article in this issue for more…

4)  Plan for the Long Run

Life Plan BlackboardSet up a simple personal development plan for yourself that continually prompts you to make choices that alter your trajectory and help you gain momentum over time.

Part of making continual and consistent change happen is to make goals and take consistent action, and the best way to do this is to make a life plan of some sort. There’s something about putting your desires down on paper that makes them “tangible.”

See “Personal Development Plan vs. New Years Resolution” article in this issue for a personal development plant template that guides you through making a personal development plan.

5)  Keep it a Secret

Don’t announce anything to anyone about your plans to change yourself. It’s a secret. Picture your new endeavor as a balloon you’re launching that’s vulnerable to the “darts” of your friends trying to shoot it (and you) down for wanting to rise above it all.

Shhh SecretOne of the key ways to reinvent yourself is to keep your plans to yourself and let your changes take root internally without any disruption or criticism from others. Continually ask yourself, “How can I reinvent myself?” and see what answers come to you, but don’t ask others how you can reinvent your life because they can only give you advice that keeps you stuck where they (un-consciously) want you. After all, if you risk change, perhaps they’ll have to risk it too. Instead, just reinvent your career, for example, without telling anyone (other than your mastermind group) and let your friends and family see your tangible results.

6)  Take Baby Steps

Make small changes in all areas of your life, rather than just one area so you create a web of support around you to support your changes. For example, when you improve your health, you also improve your energy to focus and succeed in other areas.

Also, when you make small changes in many areas at once, you’re more likely to see yourself successful as a whole because if you “failed” on your eating plan today, but did really well in your “me time” today, you still have a success to register in your mind to keep you going.

7)  Get Support

Surround yourself with positive people that inspire you to believe that change is possible as well as encourage you to continue your journey of personal growth.

One way to do this is to continually read or listen to motivational books and keep self motivation quotes around you whenever possible – on the commuter train, for example, or while you’re cooking dinner, doing personal hygiene, etc. You’ve got to feed your radar “positive information” so it stays tuned to the positive when you’re “out there” in the “not-so-positive” work place and other life situations. Another great way to do this is to reinvent your career and do something called a personal development home business. See “How to Reinvent Your Career by Starting a Business From Home” article for more…

When learning how to reinvent yourself, you want to start on the “inside” and make changes so the external changes then just occur naturally. Finding the best motivation for you to make change and then giving yourself plenty of time to take consistent, focused action gives you the answer to “How do I reinvent myself?”

Finding Motivation to Make Change…