Personal Development Plan vs. New Years Resolutions


By Suzanne Glover

Is a personal development plan better than doing new years resolutions? Considering the high failure rate of new year resolutions, at first glance the answer is yes. But, what are the benefits of developing a personal development plan and can you integrate new years resolutions into it?

First, one of the main benefits of developing a personal development plan is that because you’re actually planning for personal development over the long run, you’re more likely to succeed at achieving your goals.

Secondly, having a personal development strategy that prompts you through making incremental steps, which overall lead to vast changes, can be better than making a new year resolution which leads you to believe that you’re going to “miraculously” change your life without figuring out exactly how you’re going to make those changes.

January  Quit DrinkingHaving a personal development plan also keeps you focused on progressing through the various phases of change, which is much different from making a new year resolution to change your life which gets set aside when changes aren’t forthcoming immediately. When you are planning for personal development, your “reward” is acknowledging each step along the way and congratulating yourself for making those incremental changes that add up and become the major changes your new year resolutions sought.


Create Your Own Life WorkbookNow that you know some of the benefits, how do you develop a personal development plan?  Simple…, find a good personal development template and allow it to guide you. This is a easy way for you to initiate your personal development strategy because all you have to do is let the plan prompt you to make changes.

I’ve developed a free guide on how to create your own life and it has a sample personal development plan as well as a template for your own use.

Click this link to download the free PDF life plan workbook now.



Success AchievedNow that you have a personal development sample to follow, your next task is to figure out all those new year resolutions that you were going to make and plug them into your plan.  Then use the template and exercises in the workbook to help you figure out exactly how you’re going to turn those resolutions into successes so the next time the new year rolls around, you’ve made so much progress that you’re celebrating the achievement of your goals and can’t wait to make more new years resolutions because you’ve found the secret to accomplishing them!

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