Positive Finds for Living a Joyful Life


Great products to help you blossom through the Spring.


Here are some positive finds for living a joyful life. These personal development ideas are great as Spring helps us blossom inside and out.

Gratitude CD box


Here is a hypnosis audio that helps instill a happiness attitude every day.  This audio uses psychological principles and hypnosis techniques to help your mind understand how to be instinctively happy and connect with positive feelings.  Read more on the The Happy Days CD.


Neuro-Natural Serenity

Instead of living with low levels of serotonin and other brain chemistry factors that contribute to depression, here’s a great brain vitamin to boost your mood and serotonin levels. Neuro-Natural Serenity is a great product because it actually boosts levels of serotonin, instead of just recirculating the low levels associated with depression. It’s really effective… more about Neuro-Natural Serenity.



In this book, author Sondra Kornblatt talks about a whole new field of research that is exploring the benefits of laughter as well as other ways to improve your brain.  Check out Brain at Any Age…




Here’s a book that talks about wearing a real smile on your face all of the time and how to start living on a deeper level so you can enjoy life.  Read more about The Art of Joyful Living…



Hypnosis is a great way to break the cycle of negativity as well as targeting negativity from many angles.  Find out more about “How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy” and get started in a new direction now.