Positive Finds for Making Travel Easier


Check out these positive finds for
filtered water bottles and a travel tote cooler.

Positive finds like these make travel easy. When I started traveling weekly for business, I relied upon my crew cooler and my filtered travel water bottle. In fact, I couldn’t get along without them.


First, as for my cooler, if you’ve read my article “Food for Travel:  Healthy Eating Diet Plans for Travel” in this issue, you know that I went all over the United States with homemade, wholesome food that kept me going during my travels.  If you haven’t read the article, CLICK HERE to read it and then hit the back button and then we’ll check out the cooler for travel and storage that I recommend below.


The travel tote cooler that I chose is the eBags regular sized Crew Cooler. When I bought mine, they only had one size, but now I see that they have a smaller insulated lunch tote bag. I LOVE mine. It fits on top of my carry-on bag and travels with me everywhere.

Here’s a video about the crew cooler. Don’t let the orange bag scare you… it comes in different colors.


Filtered Water Bottles are the Best

Once I started traveling, I quickly learned that having plenty of healthy water while on the road can be difficult and/or inappropriately expensive (I paid $7.00 for a bottle of water in the Peru airport) and I always say that I am not a camel… I need tons of water all day long.

So, I set out to find a cure and found a great filtered water bottle that can act as one of the best reusable water bottles out there because you can get new filters instead of replacing the entire bottle.

The brand I use is PureWater 2Go and I have been happy with it, but there are a few other brands of filtered water bottles.

Are They Safe Water Bottles?

Are they safe water bottles when you’re traveling around the world? My brand says not to try filtering unportable water, but as you’ll see in this video, the guys drank it just fine. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, but I thought the video was a fun way to show how great it is to have your own filtered water bottle when you’re traveling.

While there are many other positive finds for traveling, having a great travel water bottle that doubles as a filtered water bottle and a travel tote cooler keeps your blood sugar [and your mood] even when your travel plans unravel a bit.

Bon Voyage!