Personal Development Ideas for the Holidays


Great products to keep you positive this holiday season.


Here are some positive finds.  These personal development ideas are great as a gift to yourself or to others.

Gratitude CD box


‘Tis the season to be grateful and figuring out how to develop gratitude is easy when you rely on a guaranteed hypnosis cd for creating more gratitude within yourself.  Just relax and listen to The Gratitude Attitude CD.


Neuro-Natural Serenity

Instead of living with low levels of serotonin and other brain chemistry factors that contribute to depression, here’s a great brain vitamin to boost your mood and serotonin levels.  Neuro-Natural Serenity is a great product because it actually boosts levels of serotonin, instead of just recirculating the low levels associated with depression.   It’s really effective… more about Neuro-Natural Serenity.


Retreat Finder

Taking a trip over the holidays is a great way to give yourself a well deserved break before the new year.  Choosing where to go is a snap with this directory of retreats… more about Retreat Finder.



Depression CD box


Hypnosis is a great way to break the cycle of depression. Here are a few guaranteed hypnosis cds for overcoming depression and moving on with your life… more on guaranteed hypnosis cds.


Moments Set


Instant meditation with brainwave entrainment mp3s is a cool way to lift your mood and relieve anxiety within minutes. This set comes in alpha, theta and delta so you can benefit from all the different levels of meditation… more on Instant Meditation MP3s.