Quotes About Summer to Keep Your Thoughts Sunny


By Samantha Sterling

Quotes about summer are included in this issue to inspire you to connect happy emotions with the wonderful feeling of summer.

When I thought about doing an article about summer quotes, I thought it might be a bit boring, but as I came across some nice quotes and put them on memes, they started really speaking to me in a new fashion.

Take this first one below for example, what would life be without summer? The wind blowing in your hair… the lazy feel of a warm sunny day. ¬†Many aspects of summer bring us happiness, so when I found some quotes on summer that connected love with summer, I thought that was very appropriate. See what you think…


What would life be without summer? Pretty cold and boring. Same thing goes for life with love. It’d be pretty cold and boring.


In this next one, I liked how the author connected the concept of quotes on summer with gratefulness. If you think about it, what are you feeling when you’re feeling grateful? Peaceful and happy. And how can summer make you feel with its warmth and laziest? Peaceful and happy.

So, another angle to summer quotes can be that they’re all about peace and happiness.


And who wouldn’t want the feeling of eternal summer inside when it’s really all about feeling peaceful and happy? Gives me greater motivation to stay grateful, besides all the other benefits of gratitude.



If you’re using these memes to keep your thoughts sunny, the one to the left is one to remember when you’re feeling the sad, dark, depressing days of winter… even when the sun’s out.

Remember that you still have that invincible power you felt in summer when the weather was warm and you felt alive. You just have to remember the feeling, and that’s what positive thinking’s all about!

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