Self Help Depression: Depression Natural Remedies


Here’s more on turning depression into joy.


So, here’s how to turn depression into joy:

Help for DepressionEvery day, for 30 days, when you start to become sad, angry, etc., stop your train of thought and switch it to a happier thought. Not necessarily joy and euphoria right away, but happier, and remember that you are producing a DIFFERENT EMOTIONAL CHEMICAL right away by doing this and that your body now has to “get rid of the chairs for the angry chemicals and get chairs for the happy emotions” because they need different chairs [see the first part of this article, “How to Turn Depression into Joy” for the chair explanation].

If you can do this long enough, all your angry chairs will be replaced with happy chairs and your body will help you stay positive. [More details on this physical addition to emotions is described in my “Benefits of Positive Thinking” article on our main site.]


One way to start changing the emotional chemicals your brain is putting out is to practice joyful affirmations [see “Quotes About Joy: Joyful Affirmations Help Lift Your Mood” article in this issue.]

Another way is to start watching funny movies or television shows that make you laugh. Or better yet, find a laughter club near you and laugh your way out of depression. Check out our “Laughter is the Best Cure for Living a Joyful Life” article in this issue for a Skype laughter connection.

Once you start feeling better from laughing, you can then take steps to gain more power in your life such as changing your thoughts and feeling more and more powerful.

Taking incremental steps to turn depression into joy can work when you give yourself enough time to change the chemistry in your body, and usually if you can last through the initial 30-day period, you’ve given yourself a good foundation for continuing to cure your physical depression.

Use quotes of joy as joyful affirmations…