Self Motivation Quotes:  Are They the Best Motivation?


By Samantha Sterling

You Are What You Think About

Self motivation quotes are great (and this article has some cool ones) but are they really the best motivation? One of the best ways of staying motivated is to look at your life in a “time line fashion” and ask yourself a few key questions.

But first, let’s start off right away with one of my favorite quotes on motivation to get us going…

A Journey of a Thousand

Yes, it’s taking that first step, which gets you to take the next step and the next step, etc. So, how do you take that first step?

Like I mentioned earlier, let’s look at your life as a time line and ask our first question:

 “If I had started one year ago today and taken small,
incremental steps, where would I be right now?”

                                                           ~ Suzanne Glover

This single question has the power to motivate you to take that first step because it puts time into a new perspective, especially if you feel like you’ve wasted that last year because you were unfocused or drained.

Now, for the next question. Let’s start it out with another one of my favorite self motivation quotes:

The Best Way

If you take the above motivational quote into consideration, your next question is this:

 “If I start now and take even the smallest step toward my goal,
where will I be in one year from now?”

                                                                                  ~ Suzanne Glover

By asking this question, you’re focusing yourself and “predicting your future.”

The importance of motivation cannot be underestimated when it comes to taking those first, feeble steps in the direction of your dreams.

Next, let’s take a look at what’s going to keep you going through that “next year…”

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