Stumbling on Happiness:  More Pearls of Joy for Living a Joyful Life


Here’s a great recipe for living a joyful life.

Stumbling on happiness is easy when you take these actions steps to start living a joyful life.


Step 2: Look for the pearls of joy available at any given time, such as uplifting yourself with music as I just suggested [see the first part of this article, “Finding Pearls of Joy.”]

Living a joyful life centers around where you put your focus and what things you can do for yourself that can shift your physical vibration. Sure, there are tangible “things” happening in your life that may be depressing you, BUT if you can start to find little things every day to help you feel better, that’s a start.

Here are a few ways you can start stumbling on happiness:

1: Joy of music: Lift your mood with music – especially when you sing along with the music. When you are doing this, you are actually “tuning yourself” to the vibration of the music. Choose uplifting, inspirational music, and you’re lifting your mood automatically. Do this long enough, and you’re sure to start calling in lots of joy angels because you’re making a “joyous noise.”

2: Joyful people: Shift your focus from listening to the world’s “bad news” that everyone’s talking about and seek out joyful people who give you inspiration that tomorrow can be better than today. People who experience a lot of joy have great endorphins running through their bodies, and if you hang around them long enough, so will you.

3: Joy of exercise: Much of living a joyful life comes from taking charge of your physical chemistry. While you can do this several ways, exercise is an essential ingredient in a recipe for a joyful life. But how do you do this when you’re so tired from daily stress? Turn on some music and start moving [there’s that music vibration again.] Or, just turn on the music and VISUALIZE yourself moving with the music. Chances are you’ll find yourself moving and feeling better.

hot-bath-do-nothing4: Joy of doing nothing: Many times you start stumbling on happiness when you simply stop everything around you and “do nothing.” Here is one of my favorite quotes about this:

“Sometimes the most urgent thing
you can possible do is take
a complete rest.”
Ashleigh Brilliant

5: Joy of connection: Get a hug from a friend. Love is one of the highest vibrations and when you can connect with another human being and feel that sense of connection and love, you also give yourself a boost in lifting your mood and engaging a joyful spirit within yourself.

There are many pearls of joy that can be found in daily life such as petting an animal, smelling a flower or letting the wind blow in your face when you can quiet yourself down enough to become present in the moment and forget about all the stresses of life. While this doesn’t make stress go away permanently, if done long enough, it can change your physical chemistry to “seek out being joyful.” [More about that in the article on the next page, “How to Turn Depression into Joy”] and gives you the recipe for a joyful life.]

How to turn depression into joy…