Summer Camp Ideas:  Why YMCA Summer Day Camps Still Top the List


By Suzanne Glover

camp-with-tenniesWhen you’re looking for summer camp ideas, a great answer lies right in your own backyard with the YMCA. Here are some reasons to head over to the “Y” for the summer…


While the list of summer camps worldwide continues to grow longer and longer each year, many of these terrific summer camps require traveling out of state or out of the country and only satisfy a portion of the summer.

How about augmenting these special summer camp themes with YMCA summer day camps before and after the “big” special event camp of the season?


Y-logoSince the YMCA has been around since 1844, it’s a familiar name with many people today, and if you’re like me, you remember attending a YMCA summer camp in your youth.

But, since it’s right in our backyard, sometimes it can be easily overlooked for the newest, greatest camp that’s drawing a lot of attention.

So, let’s go back to basics and see why your list of summer camps should include some YMCA summer day camps…

community-spirit-hands-joinedFirst, it’s local and embodies a community spirit both through your local participation and because the organization itself is very community oriented. This kind of spirit puts you back in touch with your own community and encourages local participation that supports the local economy.

Secondly, although the YMCA was founded under the name “Young Men’s Christian Foundation,” since its beginnings, it has striven to bring people of all faiths, races, ages, ability and incomes together to promote healthy lifestyles, family values and social responsibility. In other words, it’s a place where everyone can feel like they fit.

Third, because they’re such a large organization, the likelihood of finding a “Y” near you is very high and it’s also very likely that their list of summer camps will be very large and have a lot of summer camp themes and summer camp ideas from which to choose.

Also, since they cater to all ages, there’s likely to be something for the whole family, so while the kids are in class, mom and dad can take a class or go for a swpig-saves-time-and-moneyim.

And lastly, they’re on the economical side when you consider the cost of traveling all summer. When you join as a member, you’ve just unleashed a whole assortment of possibilities for yourself and your family.

When you’re looking for summer camp ideas, be sure to remember the old faithful “Y” down the street because they’ve been your neighbor for over 160 years and are still focused on serving their community.

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