Top Love Songs:  How to Use Them to Feel and Share Love


By Suzanne Glover

The top love songs lists don’t always agree with each other. The secret to finding the best love songs is finding the ones that touch your heart to connect with inner feelings of love.

And you can really boost your relationships by sending a song to a loved one that communicates how you feel, without taking the risk of saying how you feel.

Top Love Songs from the 60’s and 70’s

Recently, I’ve started listening to music from the 60’s and 70’s and, surprisingly enough, very often I’ve been moved to feeling strong emotions inspired from the music.

Why is this? I think it’s because the songs don’t hold back from sharing strong emotions, which encourages me to connect with those strong emotions that I keep tucked away from public view.

I’m sure you can relate. In fact, why do so many of us go to the theater or movies? To feel feelings that we lock away from public view because they “are not acceptable” for a myriad of reasons (boys don’t cry, what a mushy thing to say, it’s not okay to feel angry, etc.)

Let’s experiment for a moment and listen to Barbra Streisand sing Evergreen, which I’d say captures the essence of love; i.e., that it’s “evergreen” and never failing…

Barbra Streisand – Evergreen (Theme from “A Star is Born”)

Did the song spark any feelings in you? The best love songs should spark feelings of love and inspiration inside of you that you can then share with the world around you. Remember, you have to first feel the emotion that you want to share before you can share it.

Sharing the Greatest Love Songs with Others

One way to share love with others around you is to choose a song that moves you and share it with a loved one.

One way I did this was to sing the song with my significant other (and, yes, did I get resistance over that one!) But, it was worth the effort because we felt closer during and after it and it was a way to re-ignite that spark inside of us. And believe me, if I can get my significant other to sing it with me (in public, no less), you can do this. (It was for a special occasion and I gave him plenty of advanced warning. The people at the party LOVED it.)

asians-singingHere’s how:
Play a recording of it loud enough that neither one of you is really heard over the song. The point is to feel like you’re really singing to each other. You don’t have to do this in public like I did. Find ways to have the music around and encourage the feelings to come out.

Another way to use the best love songs is to put them in the player at home with a note that prompts him/her to play it when you’re not there, or to email/text them to him/her with a love note.

Finding ways to embrace the emotions inspired by the top love songs is easy when you get a bit creative and just have fun.

Next, let’s look at how we can send love to Mom on Mother’s Day and sing her a song as well…

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