Transformational Travel is
Perfect for the Holidays


by Suzanne Glover

Transformational travel is perfect for the holidays because instead of expanding yourself into holiday activities and becoming fragmented physically and emotionally, it gives you a chance to contract into yourself and get ready to expand into a new year in new ways.

Sometimes we need to break the routine of getting together with family and friends over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to give ourselves a chance to renew and refresh our perspectives on life.

When you combine this with the winter solstice and the changing of the season from fall to winter, you’ve given yourself a real boost for creating new patterns for yourself in the years to come.


Outward Bound TravelTransformational travel has also been called sacred travel, spiritual travel or life changing travel and can be as elaborate as a month retreat in India to as simple as a weekend at your favorite spa, beach house or mountain cabin.

The basic premise is to get away from your normal environment and give your “soul” a chance to play.

Giving yourself time to re-connect with yourself by quieting down your outer world and allowing inner contemplation to blossom can shift your trajectory for the new year (or your whole life) to becoming more of what you want.


Here are some suggestions:

1) Yoga retreats are good to prompt you to connect mind and body while attending various classes and workshops that integrate spiritual and physical aspects of life.

Kripalu Yoga Retreats2) Adventure travel is good to urge you to tap into your inner power and sense of adventure;

3) Personal development conferences and retreats are good to teach you how to create a better life for yourself when you return home;

4) Career intensive workshops can motivate you to create new facets in your work life; and

5) Amusement parks are a great way to let your “inner child” play for a day and remember what it’s like to be a kid.


Taking a trip during the holidays is especially great if you’re alone or have recently suffered a family loss and the holidays offer less than they use to offer. Transformational travel during the latter part of the year is also a good choice for couples who want to invest in their relationship and develop themselves in the process.

But stepping out and changing your holiday patterns by taking a trip doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss Christmas! Celebrate it before you go. I knew one family who did that and then took off for the rest of December. Give it a try and see what new holiday horizons you can create!

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