Transformational Travel:  Couples Getaway Ideas for Relationship Transformation


by Amanda Stokes

Transformational travel is great for rekindling a relationship and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time. While options range from couples cruises to spiritual couple retreats, the trick is to choose a method of “getting away from it all” that encourages you to remember what you loved about your “other half.”

Do you have to wait until Valentine’s Day? No, some of the best weekend getaways for couples or couples vacation ideas are anniversary getaways.

Let’s compare some couples getaway ideas:

Relationship CruiseCouples cruises top the list if you like being pampered and want to renew the “fun” in your relationship. Couples cruises range from “chaperoned” cruises where you attend with a counselor who prompts you to work on your relationship while on board ship (sometimes called a relationship cruise) to “party cruises” that provide fun and entertainment so you simply renew enjoying each other’s company without the daily stresses of life.

Relationship TransformersOne of the best weekend getaways for couples if you like nature, meditation or yoga-type activities would be spiritual couples retreats that combine a country setting with body-mind activities as well as counseling options so you can dig deeper into what’s driven you apart. This can be the best couples resort because you can quiet down and get to know yourself, which in turns gives you insight on how to reinvent yourself within your relationship.


Another fun idea is to participate in a murder mystery weekend or murder mystery dinner train. If you like to solve clues together and just need some time having fun together, this is a real winner and can help you start having fun together again.

The best weekend trips for transformational travel can also be as close as the neighborhood park or the nearby seashore where you take one day and “check out” from life and spend it walking and talking with your loved one.

Other couples getaway ideas include:

  1. Window shopping for new outfits for each other and encouraging that, “ooh, he’d look good in that shirt” attitude to show its face again.
  2. Getting dressed up and “meeting each other for the first time.” This doesn’t mean re-create your original meeting. It means picking a spot and “meeting for the first time” and enjoying getting to know each other again.

Learning how to rekindle a relationship is easy with a little bit of imagination and effort focused on making your relationship better.

Whether you choose to stay close to home and take day-trips or go on a relationship cruise or spiritual couples retreat, the key is to being open to embracing the love you once felt for that special person in your life.

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