Use Quotes About Joy as Joyful Affirmations


By Samantha Sterling

These quotes about joy can be used as joyful affirmations. Print them out and hang them up to remind you that you intend to start living a joyful life.


I chose these joy quotes because they all emphasized the importance of choosing to be joyful by choosing our attitude moment by moment to choose joy and happiness over anything else.


When we shift our focus from “what’s wrong” to “what’s right,” as the joyful quote above says, we allow more goodness to come into our lives, which is part of the recipe for a joyful life.

And as I mentioned in my article, “How to Turn Depression into Joy” in this issue, the more you can recognize how good things are, the more you’ll change your body chemistry to becoming addicted to recognizing how good things are and it gets easier and easier.


I really like quotes about joy that remind us that “happiness is an inside job” and that joy comes from within us as we allow ourselves to find it and allow ourselves to develop joyful roots inside that blossom into greater happiness despite the things [or lack of things] around us.



When sharing a few joy quotes, it seems really appropriate to share some quotes about happiness and here’s one of my favorites:


I like this quote because it makes me realize that time is valuable because we only have so much of it and so it’s not worth wasting any time on being angry. Besides, the more you’re angry, the easier it is for you to get angry because you’re feeding an emotional addiction of “angry” chemicals [as I mentioned in my “How to Turn Depression into Joy” article in this issue.]


I think Abraham Lincoln summed up the importance of choosing our attitude very nicely in this quote:


Keep these quotes about joy around you to remind you that living a life of joy is possible and within your reach just by choosing to do so.

Laughter is the best cure for living a joyful life…