Yoga Meditation Health Retreats: Great for Improving Meditation or Getting Started


By Amanda Stokes

meditate-tropicsYoga meditation health retreats are a a super way to get yourself to “just do it” and get started into a meditation habit. Visiting a meditation yoga center also helps you get more in tune with your body at the same time you’re learning meditation. Of course, if you’re already a pro at meditation, visiting a retreat can give you new tips for meditation as well as some concentrated time to focus on improving meditation techniques.


While most of the articles in this issue of our positive thinking magazine focus on the “do-it-yourself” approach, taking the time to visit a meditation yoga center can do a few good things:

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1.   Puts you into an environment where it’s EASY to get started learning how to meditate. Everyone’s doing it, so you just have to “go along” with the flow of things rather than creating your own flow.


2.   Gives you a break from your normal routine that creates mind clutter and “to-do” lists. Setting this time aside at an outside venue automatically takes away all those distractions.

3.   Boosts your momentum for meditation if you’re already a pro and gives you a chance to not only learn new tips for meditation, but fine tune your practice by surrounding yourself with others who meditate regularly and absorbing their “meditation energy.”


Another reason for visiting a meditation yoga center is simply because it infuses yoga with the practice of meditation and this combination also has benefits:

yoga-pose1.   A flexible body keeps the mind flexible. So, as you are stretching and creating a softer, more pliable body, you are also stretching and creating a more open mind.

2.   As you stretch into the various yoga positions, you are opening up energy meridians in your body. This creates more openness and mental awareness simply because you are releasing physical blocks that might keep your mind locked up and busy as well.

3.   Yoga is well known for being a body-mind practice which helps you connect your breathing and openness with a calmer state of mind. Practicing yoga when starting to learn meditation can “anchor” the feeling of meditation into your mind and body and give you a boost that keeps you going further and longer than if you only did the “do it yourself” method at home where you are simply sitting and breathing without any physical component.

expanding-lightIncorporating yoga meditation health retreats into your mediation regimen on a regular basis also “gets you out there” to make new friends in the mediation world while also learning more tips for meditation along the way.

Any way you slice it, if you’re seriously looking to learn meditation or improve your current mediation skills, getting away and surrounding yourself with “meditation energy” is a super great choice.

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